Dan Ludwig is a top real estate agent for Naples, Florida.

Dan Ludwig hasn’t always been a Naples real estate expert, but helping people find happiness through their homes has always been a passion of his. Now, with a newfound love for Naples, Florida, Dan can direct you to the perfect home in your ideal community, surrounded by your favorite amenities.

Prior to selling homes in Naples, Dan Ludwig was a top electrical contractor in New Jersey for most of his life. Not only could Dan upgrade your lighting and make your home “smart,” he knows the ins and outs of closing the sale on your Naples, Florida dream home. Having run his own electrical contracting business for more than 33 years, Dan knows more than a way or two to find those items on your checklist. He also knows how to spot potential issues and can advise you on the quality of the home.

Only a couple years following his retirement from electrical contracting, Dan already missed bringing happiness to his clients. Shifting away from electrical contracting and the overhead costs that come along with it, he discovered a fitting transition—real estate. Dan already had investments in New Jersey and a vacation home in Naples. Tired of the Northeast winters and a desire for the perfect weather in Naples, Dan and his wife migrated south to begin a new, exciting chapter.

With his support, knowledge of home construction and a real estate license, Dan is the man to help you find your new home in Naples, Florida.

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